Belgian Women: what are they like – Dating Girls from Belgium

Much of the progress of the country is reflected in the position of women. Belgium is known as a small but highly developed country, famous for its cuisine, diamonds and EU headquarters. So if you plan to learn more about Belgian women, there are a few things to keep in mind about Belgian women.

One of the things about Belgian women you have to know first is that you can not generalize women of Belgium according to cultural aspect. First of all it is because of language diversity of the country. Belgium is home to 3 langusge groups. Flemish group is the biggest and covers about 60% of the Belgian population.

Representatives of the group speak Dutch and live in the northern part of Belgium, settled in Flanders. The second biggest group lives in the Southern part of Wallonia consists of the Walloons who speak French. There is also much smaller then previous two - the third group. Those are German speaking Belgian people who live in Eastern Wallonia. Officially Brusseles, the capital of Belgium, has two official languages - Dutch and French, it is more French enclave in the Flemish region. Belgium has versatile political structure and multiple languages as well as complex goverment system and federal structure. If you are good in distinguishing language diversity in Belgium and know well its political structure, it will surely help you get good impression of your Belgian girlfriends and even not to be embarassed by some issues in particular situations.

Despite the language diversity and some other cultural differences, Belgian women still have in common some important features that describe their manners and national character. Belgian women like well-planned and not quick way of life. Women and men in this country usually speak quietly and gently, showing the best manners. Being polite is very important considering social interaction and manner of behavior in Belgian society. If you are even provoked by someone to some extend you are going to loose yourself, just come down. If you are going for a date with Belgian girlfriend be sure you show calm attitude and are polite in manners.

Belgian Women what are they like – Dating Girls from Belgium

Belgian people are tolerant to foreigners, but if you behave in different manner they got used to, you are surely going to be the subject of attention and embarassing looks. For the first date with girl from Belgium you have to dress well and neat. Being dressed good in this country anong with elegance and personal grooming are one of the ways to impress the woman and have great reason for possible next date. You must pay great attention to punctuality in Belgium. Women of this country pay big attention to punctuality and may interpret slow movements and being not in time as weak side of mans personality. So, if you agreed for start the dating evening with Belgian girlfriend at 7 pm, you should come to the place earlier in 20 minutes, but never late. She would not be late as well, because it is not common for Belgian woman. Bring flowers for the first date. belgian woman does not expect expensive gifts, at least at the early datings, so flowers are very good present and way to express your warm feelings.

If you are gourmet, communication with Belgians will give you a lot of opportunities to taste delisious food of Belgium quisine. Belgium is well knowng for its sweets and chocolate and if your Belgian girlfriend likes chocolate, you better find out which type and maybe in some special store you have to find it and bring as the present. She will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate your tryings to please her. To find a places to hang out, you must know Belgium is also known well by beer and waffles, so do not be afraid to ask Belgian girl to show you such places.

Belgian woman temperament is also vivid during their meal and table manners. They usually eat with small bites and slowly, I don't know whether is the reason is to taste better flavour or in such a way food would be digested better, but that is a observed fact that you have to keep in mind. For what? Simply for not eating too fast swallowing the food with big piles quickly, because such an attitude might be shocking for your Belgian girlfriend. Also keep your hands on the table, but not in the pocket of on the knees during the meal. Finish eating everything, as Belgians do not like to leave the food uneaten and are usually thrifty. If you are in your girlfriend's house and she invited you and prepared food for you, be very grateful and don't forget to make compliments, as Belgian woman are very pround of national quisine traditions.

Women in Belgium have one of the best living and working conditions in EU. The difference in wage between men and woman in Belgium is one of the lowest in the EU. Women in Belgium earn on average 91 percent of what man in this country earn. There is only small occupational gender gap and it is decreasing with younger generations. 67.5 % of men in Belgium are employed and 50.2 % of women in Belgium have work. Such economic well-being and only average salary of 1800 Euro reflected women social interactions as well. A woman in Belgium is self-assured enough and it is common here if she ask a man for a date if she likes him and may even pay for his dinner too.

Belgian women continue to keep on to the traditional values despite the fact of economical development and social revolutions. Women in Belgium are getting married quite early as for Europe - in early twenties or ever earlier, being teens, what is quite untipical for Western Europe. If you meet woman from Belgium in the age of 30 and she is single, there is high chance she has been married before and now she is divorced. If couple in Belgium decided to divorce, but has common business, people might live separately from each other with new partner, but being legally married to protect the business.