Are Belgian women easy going to foreigners?

In short, you have chosen the wrong target to find women who are eager to spend their time with you by the meaning you imply just for the fact you are foreigner and it is not really working in Belgium as it might work in other European countries. In fact, many Americans think that in Europe girls are very open minded, liberate and open to sex. Something like… it is the same for them to sleep with a man as to have a dinner. If you are American who is reading this text I will tell you very interesting thing – Europeans think the same way about American women! It is not a kind of revenge, no. Probably, such impression and stereotypes are based on the Hollywood movies that create such an image of American girl – she is strict in her wishes, always excited, knows what she wants from life and eager to propose to have sex to any first foreigner she likes. Of course, this is far from the truth and the same when we come back to the discussion about Belgian girls – you definitely should know that your stereotypes about “liberate Europe” actually are far from the reality.

Often foreign men are interested in close relations with Belgian women after they visit this country and observe how many beautiful girls are on the streets of Belgium. This all make men’s strong desire “to touch the beauty” at least for some period of time. For those who are way back in America Belgium seems secure European country. Yes, it is not as cheap as Central or Eastern European countries, but it is in the top countries by the economy development, the capital of European Union Brussels is in Belgium and all those things of the kind “I have heard something” or “there is still something on my mind concerning this country” along with pretty females make Belgium popular destination for American tourists.

You have to take into account that Europe is different and women from Western Europe have a little different mentality than, for example, Eastern European women. If on the East of Europe women are more family oriented, Western ladies, including Belgian ones are more career oriented. If, for example, Ukrainian woman relies on her partner, Belgian woman relies on herself and is rather independent. Social factor and financial is also very important and it determines woman’s attitude towards men as well. If in poor countries woman is more dependent on men and often choose the fiancé because of financial status, in Belgium woman would choose rather not fiancé, but an equal partner for living together and his income might interest her as well as she could be completely ignorant towards her boyfriend’s income. Read also: What I must know dating Belgians?

Are Belgian women easy going to foreigners?

Do you have chances in succeeding Belgian girl? It somehow correlates with the question: are women of Belgium actually eager to spend night with foreigner. I would say it depends but there is not much information that average Belgian girl is ready to become a princess for foreign king. It all depends on the girl very much. If she feels that she would like to spend night with you she would achieve what she wants in most cases unless you are against it, which I really doubt 🙂 But to find such a girl you have to visit such places like night clubs or bars and be sure the girl is Belgian, because there might be many other girls from France, Germany, Holland and from all over the Europe. Then you have to interest the girl you liked and probably cocktail and conversation might help you both. Here the fact that you are foreigner will help you to be more “interesting” and exotic in the eyes of Belgian girl, but do not hope for it too much as you see, there are many foreigners who visit Belgium everyday in Business or as tourists. The main your advantage is that you are who you are! Stop… stop… stop… It already looks like a guide how to conquer Belgian girl and we were speaking about how eager are Belgian girls to be conquered by foreigners, actually. Anyways, those are closely connected concepts.

I guess this is the best time to sum up already until I didn’t get too far 🙂 The summary says Belgian girls are not easy going to foreigners and the fact that you are from another country might help you only to gain some extra interest, but is not a heavy “weapon” to get Belgian girl in your hotel room. However, even if there are no popular stereotypes about Belgian women, everything is very personal and individual in every single case and you might have completely different experience than other counterparts of yours. By most part we are what we think we are as this forms our consciousness. If you are sure in your skills I propose you to use them if it brings you interest and satisfaction. Read also: Are Belgian women good wife candidates for American men?

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  1. Markus says:

    Well, I am a foreigner living in Belgium.
    Belgian girls do not date foreigners…Especially when they are not white.

    Among europeans, I would say they are the most ethnocentric group.

    If you speak english and you look foreigner..they would assume you’re trash.

    I live here since 6 years, whenever I had a good interaction with a girl…9 out of 10, she is an expat living in Belgium.

    So i would advice men to not waste their time chasing Belgian girls.
    They are friendly and polite but they will not date you.

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